With the limited range of bra sizes stocked at most department stores and lingerie shops, it’s no wonder that curvy girls, busty ladies, and women with big boobs are more often than not wearing the wrong-sized bra.

When you take into account that a woman’s body shape is constantly changing, that all bra sizes are not created equal, and that most women don’t get properly fitted for a bra more than once in their lives, it’s a wonder that anyone’s wearing the right-sized bra at all!

Curious to know if you could be one of the 80% of women wearing the wrong sized bra? Here are 10 ways to tell if your bra is the right fit for you:

1. There’s gaping in the cups – Properly fitting bras should perfectly encase your breasts. If you are accustomed to using your bra as a secret second handbag to fit your lippy, your keys, or even your phone, then your cup size is too big.

2. The fabric of the cup wrinkles or puckers – Nope, it’s not just the design of that lovely lacy number you bought as an impulse purchase. If there’s wrinkling or puckering in the cups, then it’s not the right fit.

3. You have double-boob action – The perfect-fitting bra should not cause any bulging or spillage out of the cup, even if it’s a provocative push-up. If your bra is causing an unsightly ripple that causes someone to take a second glance at your chest for the wrong reasons, then your cup size is too small.

4. Your bra moves when you raise your arms – A well-fitting bra should be supportive and stay put, which means it shouldn’t have a mind of its own when you raise your arms, chase your kids, or otherwise jiggle about. If your bra moves around of its own free will, then your underband size could be too big and/or your cup size could be too small.

5. The underwire at the front of the bra does not sit flat against your chest – You might think it’s normal that the underwire in the centre of your fancy bra is popping off of your breastbone, but if you can fit a finger, a pencil, or even something smaller between the wire and your chest, then your cup size is most likely too small.

6. The wire is digging into you – It’s not a normal sensation to feel like you’re being poked and prodded by the wires in your bra. If the underwire digs in or pinches your breast tissue anywhere at all, this is a sign that your bra could be too small.

7. The shoulder straps are digging in – The right-sized bra should be comfortable and supportive, not a nuisance. If you feel like your shoulder straps are digging in, it’s quite possible that the back size of your bra is too big.

8. The back of the bra rides up – Ever feel like the back of your bra is inching its way towards your neck? If the back size of your bra is too loose, you may experience the weight of your breasts causing the back of the bra to ride up, which means you’re not getting the support that you need.

9. Your bra is downright uncomfortable – Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but if your bra is causing you any discomfort, you need to start looking for a new bra. Bras stretch out and body shapes change. If your bra is no longer feeling right, then it may no longer be the right size for you.

10. Your clothes aren’t flattering your chest – If you’re unhappy with the way your boobs are looking in your clothes, it could be the size and fit of your bra. Bra sizing is not an absolute science and boobs come in all shapes and sizes. The right fitting bra should encase your breasts, sit comfortably on your body, provide the support you need, and flatter your figure.

We, at TKD Lingerie, love helping women find the right-sized bra. If any of the above resonates with you, stop by to see us for a free fitting.

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