We love our mamas, but how frequently do bras end up being the topic of mother-daughter conversation? There are far more interesting things to talk about, so that’s why we’re here to plug the gap. Read on for 8 things your mother never told you about bra sizes:

1) Your bra size does not remain unchanged for life – how many women do you know learn their bra size in their early twenties and just assume that their bra size, like their shoe size, will pretty much stay the same for the rest of their life? When you think about it, it seems obvious that your body will change shape – whether from weight loss or gain, hormonal changes, contraception, or pregnancy – and that you can’t always rely on the same-sized bra. That’s why we recommend getting a professional bra fitting every 6 months.

2) Bra sizes are not made equal – most women accept that they need to try on clothing to make sure it fits, even if it’s in the same size as what they normally wear. So why do we so often assume that bra sizes are all made equal? Maybe it’s the precision of the measurement that gives us the false impression that a 38G will always be a 38G no matter what manufacturer is making it. But remember, every style and brand of lingerie fits slightly differently so you must pay attention to the fit of every bra to ensure every day comfort, good posture and an improved silhouette.

3) Cup sizes are also not made equal – bra sizing is a confusing business. If you wear a D, you might assume that any bra with a D cup will fit your breasts, but this isn’t the case. There’s often an inverse correlation between the cup size and the band size. So if you’re wearing a 36E but you need a smaller band, your fit may be a 34F.

4) Bra-fitting is not an exact science – someone in the lingerie department busts out the tape-measure, subtracts a couple of numbers, and miraculously gives you a mathematically calculated bra size made up of numbers and letters that must be accurate and precise. No way! You can’t accurately tell someone’s bra size using a measuring tape. That’s why, at TKD, we look and listen to you, not the tape measure. Every woman is individual and this includes her breasts, which vary in size, shape and spacing and is not reflected in a one-dimensional measurement. Our experience allows us to concentrate on how your bra looks and fits and most importantly how it feels to you.

5) There are over 200 sizes of bras in the world – it’s likely that you started your bra-buying journey in a department store or high street lingerie retailer. And while hundreds of bra sizes exist, most retailers only stock a limited range of sizes because it makes far more commercial sense to do so. This means it’s possible that you’ve been wearing a common bra size for years, rather than the actual size that’s the best fit for you. At TKD we stock over 120 sizes of bras from D-K cup and our goal is help you find your perfect fit.

6) A bra doesn’t remain the same size forever – bras also go through wear and tear. After several months of intense use or a few too many cycles in the washing machine and your beloved 38G feels more like a 40H. Bra bands, cups and straps stretch out and lose their shape, and once this happens, they won’t be as comfortable or supportive as they are meant to be. That’s why we recommend replacing your bras every 6 months to one year.

7) 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size – we’re shocked by this number too, but this is one we hear time and time again in the store. If you’re not sure if you’re wearing the right-sized bra, click here

8) The perfect-fitting bra will change your life – a bra serves a very important function, which is even more important for women blessed with large breasts. It is there to support your bust, improve your posture, provide lift and prevent discomfort like backaches and strains. We can help you find the correct size for your current shape, which will improve your posture and silhouette in an instant.

When’s the last time you had a fitting? Are you sure you’re still wearing the right-sized bra? Is it time to replace your worn-out lingerie? Our friendly team of expert bra fitters are on hand to help you find the perfect bra to support your breasts and flatter your figure. Why not book an appointment today?

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