Why are so many women wearing the wrong size?

Did you know an astonishing 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?!

That’s exactly why last month, we introduced our TKD Bra Genie! Part of our mission to ensure ladies everywhere are getting the support they truly need.

We’re now introducing our ‘Best in Bras’ blog segment, so we can chat with industry experts and professional bra fitters from our favourite brands to bring you the best tips, tricks and bra advice out there!

We had the privilege to catch up with Olivia Wilson, Head of Design and official ‘Bra Whisperer’ at Curvy Kate, to delve further into just why so many women are wearing the wrong size. We love what they do at Curvy Kate because every piece is carefully crafted to give fabulous fit, shape, lift and comfort for wearing a D+ cup size!



Let’s see what Olivia had to say…


Why do think so many women wear the wrong size bra for so long, sometimes years, without realising?

For a long time, the lingerie market only offered ‘core’ bra sizes (A to D cups), so ladies of all shapes and sizes have been making do with what was available.  If you have never been professionally bra fitted, you would not necessarily realise you were wearing an incorrect bra size, so it is about educating the customer to understand what is a good fit versus what is a bad fit.


What are the most common mistakes you see women make when purchasing a new bra?

 Buying the incorrect size!  This may be due to not knowing their correct size or perhaps buying a style they love but compromising on the fit, because their size is not available.  A correct fitting bra should make you look and feel fabulous, so we encourage ladies to have a professional bra fitting at least every 12 months


What are the benefits of wearing a well-fitted bra?

The benefits are endless!  A good fitting bra can improve posture, reduce breast discomfort, reduce the skin-aging and breast ‘sag’, enhance your natural curves, boost your confidence, enhance your outerwear and make you feel fabulous!


What do you think about current methods used to fit bras (predominantly, the tape measure)?At Curvy Kate, we encourage women to try a bra on and assess the fit, no tape measure required!  A bra is not like a suit, a bra has areas of stretch and rigidity, and breasts come in different shapes and tissue types, so getting the bra on and checking the fit, is the best starting point to achieving a good-fitting bra. 


What should women look for when purchasing well-fitted bras?

For the Underband:

  • Can you fit more or less than 2 fingers underneath your underband? If too tight go up a band, if too loose, go down a band.
  • Many women make the mistake of wearing a bra too big in the back band which causes it to ride up. The underband should sit at the same level all around the body. It provides 80% of a bra’s support so getting this right is really important.

For the Underwire:

  • The underwire should sit flat against the body, all the way around from between the breasts to under the arm- there shouldn’t be any breast tissue caught under the wire.
  • If your underwire is uncomfortable or digs in then there is a good chance that you are wearing the incorrect size.

For the Cups:

  • Your breast should be encased by the bra cup, with no over-spilling at the underarm or neckline.
  • Be sure to lean forward, letting the breast tissue fall into the cups and swoop and scoop (with your hands) your breast into the cups.

For the Straps:

  • Most bras offer adjustable straps – be sure to adjust them to suit your frame. Similar to the underband, you can do the ‘2-finger check’- if you can comfortably run two fingers   under the strap they are at the correct tension. The straps provide the remaining 20% of bra support.

General fitting tips:

  • Lean forward to allow the breasts to drop into the cups and be fully encased in the bra cup
  • Fasten your new bra on the loosest hook & eye- this way as the bra is washed and worn, you can adjust the fastening to maintain the same firm fit.
  • Try sister sizing – if the band is too loose but the cup is just right, try going down a band and up a cup.


Most women’s breasts are not exactly the same size, do you have any bra fit tips that address this?

A lot of styles nowadays offer a flexible cup fit in the form of stretch panels in the entire or top cup – this is a great option for ladies who have significantly uneven breasts or perhaps find their size fluctuates throughout the month.


Do you have any tips for purchasing maternity bras?

The fitting advice is much the same as regular bras, however it is all about the timing of when you get fitted and purchase a maternity/ nursing bra.  Looking for a bra with flexible cups will help to prolong the use of the bra throughout any size fluctuations (within reason!).  A lot of ladies opt for a non-wired style during maternity/nursing, however we recommend the most important thing is to wear a good-fitting bra, wired or non-wired, so you feel supported and comfortable.

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