If you are a regular customer or reader of our blog, you probably know that more than 80 per cent of women wear the wrong bra size, which can lead to discomfort, bad posture and pain. The swimwear season is particularly hard on necks and backs as many bikinis and bathing suits lack structured support entirely, and we often spend whole days in our swimwear.


At TKD Lingerie, we want all women to feel great and enjoy their holidays to the fullest. That means getting the support they need.


Did you know that halterneck bikinis can lift and support even J cup chests without hurting or blistering your neck? That bandeus can hold you up securely all day even in a G cup?


Help us spread the word. Tell your friends how good it feels to have bra-sized swimwear that offers support and keeps the full weight of the chest away from the neck and shoulders. Or send them for a professional fitting. Because feeling is believing.     


If you want to know more about how to make sure your bras and bikini tops really are the right size, take a look at our fitting tips here: http://www.tkdlingerie.com/what-every-woman-needs-to-know-about-bras/

Visit the fitting room here: http://www.tkdlingerie.com/the-fitting-room/


Or even better, come to see us in the store. 

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