We love to put new styles to the test by getting honest reviews from our community. And we’ve all been following the heartwarming pregnancy journey of @leonieash on Instagram. So, Leonie was an obvious choice to provide an honest review of the Waffles Nursing Bra by Cake Maternity, a versatile nursing bra designed with a flexible wire and A-frame sling to provide added support and lift. This is what Leonie […]

Do you regularly experience the discomfort of slipping bra straps? Perhaps the first time you wear a new bra, it seems okay, but as soon as you go about your day, you notice that the straps start slipping off your shoulders and you’re discreetly reaching inside your top to pull them back up again. Or maybe it’s your old favourite bra that no longer has the same perfect fit. The […]

We love our mamas, but how frequently do bras end up being the topic of mother-daughter conversation? There are far more interesting things to talk about, so that’s why we’re here to plug the gap. Read on for 8 things your mother never told you about bra sizes: 1) Your bra size does not remain unchanged for life – how many women do you know learn their bra size in […]

With the limited range of bra sizes stocked at most department stores and lingerie shops, it’s no wonder that curvy girls, busty ladies, and women with big boobs are more often than not wearing the wrong-sized bra. When you take into account that a woman’s body shape is constantly changing, that all bra sizes are not created equal, and that most women don’t get properly fitted for a bra more […]

You don’t have to choose between comfort and style. There was a time not that long ago when lingerie seemed to be at war with women’s bodies. The bras of 50 years ago were on the whole very rigid garments shaping women’s bosoms into proud forward-projecting torpedoes, arriving everywhere a few seconds before their human appendage. The shape ideals of the time came ahead of any discomfort inflicted by the […]

What is the difference between D+ and Plus size? And what size is Plus size, anyway?   Many people use the terms Plus size and D+ interchangeably, but there is a big difference. Plus size clothing is described as clothes for people larger than average, but what size that is varies hugely between different brands as well as in people’s minds.   The complicated sizing system used in lingerie and […]

Most of us have been conditioned to think that our bra size can be determined with the help of two measurements. Under the boobs and across. Done. But many of us who have been subjected to the old measuring tape method of bra fitting have been left with a niggling suspicion that we are still not getting the right support from our bras. So what is really going on?     […]

We are big fans of The Mothership here at TKD Lingerie. That’s why it was such a delight to welcome Helen Farmer to the store after she had her baby and help her find the perfect nursing bras to suit her body. Here is what she had to say about it:    Four of the best nursing bras (and how to shop for one) When the nesting started in my pregnancy, […]

A weight off your shoulders will make you look and feel years younger   Quite literally. Did you know that the average pair of D cup breasts weigh 15-23 pounds? That’s around 7-10 kg for metric minds. Take a minute to think about how it affects your body to carry so much weight up front. It can wreak havoc on your shoulders, neck, back, and overall posture.   Thankfully we […]