Do you regularly experience the discomfort of slipping bra straps? Perhaps the first time you wear a new bra, it seems okay, but as soon as you go about your day, you notice that the straps start slipping off your shoulders and you’re discreetly reaching inside your top to pull them back up again. Or maybe it’s your old favourite bra that no longer has the same perfect fit. The […]

If you’ve found us here, you may already be familiar with TKD Lingerie. You may even be a regular customer. (THANK YOU!) For those of you who don’t know about us, we’d love to tell you a little more… 1) Our bra fitters are like image consultants for the boobs. You’re not just a single bra size…your size can alter depending on the cut, fabric, brand or even colour of […]

We love our mamas, but how frequently do bras end up being the topic of mother-daughter conversation? There are far more interesting things to talk about, so that’s why we’re here to plug the gap. Read on for 8 things your mother never told you about bra sizes: 1) Your bra size does not remain unchanged for life – how many women do you know learn their bra size in […]

Finding the perfect bra can be hard if you have bigger boobs. Most department stores and high street lingerie shops only stock limited sizes, which is why so many women actually end up wearing the wrong-sized bra at some point in their lives. We get it. The quest to find the perfect bra can be hard. That’s why finding your perfect bra match sometimes feels like finding your soulmate. Read […]

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You don’t have to choose between comfort and style. There was a time not that long ago when lingerie seemed to be at war with women’s bodies. The bras of 50 years ago were on the whole very rigid garments shaping women’s bosoms into proud forward-projecting torpedoes, arriving everywhere a few seconds before their human appendage. The shape ideals of the time came ahead of any discomfort inflicted by the […]

    We love to put new styles to the test by getting honest reviews from our community. This month, we asked Ashley to review the new Lyzy bralette from Panache Lingerie. It is a new style, taking the relaxed aesthetic and triangle shape of the bralette and engineering it from the ground up for a larger cup size. This is what Ashley had to say.     I was […]

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Straight from the Panache design studio Last month we were privileged to get to speak to Panache’s amazing design team and ask them some probing questions about how to design a full figure bra and the origins of the Sculptresse brand. This is what they said: What is plus size? We understand there is no international industry standard for this. We refer to Sculptresse as our brand for fuller figures, […]

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What is the difference between D+ and Plus size? And what size is Plus size, anyway?   Many people use the terms Plus size and D+ interchangeably, but there is a big difference. Plus size clothing is described as clothes for people larger than average, but what size that is varies hugely between different brands as well as in people’s minds.   The complicated sizing system used in lingerie and […]

I can’t believe it is our birthday again! The past year has flown by and now we are here again, about to celebrate our sixth year.   I have lost track of how many women we have fitted and helped into their correct sizes, but I will never forget the incredulity and sense of wonder many of them express when they finally try on a bra in the right size. […]

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As the holidays are coming, we have created this handy guide for men who want to ace lingerie gift giving   It can be the perfect gift; luxurious and practical, opulent and wearable, all at the same time. But for some men, shopping for lingerie can seem fraught with pitfalls.  Follow these failsafe tips to make sure you get it right. Let’s start with the obvious question: Will your loved […]

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Give that WOW moment to someone you care about Can you remember that WOW moment when you first tried on a bra in the right size? That held, shaped and lifted, both your body and your spirits? At TKD Lingerie, it is something we see a lot. First time visitors to the store have been known to put their old bra in the bin and walk out wearing their new […]

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Lingerie is an item we often spend plenty of time choosing, and something we are happy to splash a little more cash on to ensure we get the perfect fit – so it’s important to keep your smalls looking good and feeling fresh. Here are our best tips for organising your knicker and bras.   First empty your lingerie drawer and sort your items into keep, donate or throw piles. […]

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