Lingerie is an item we often spend plenty of time choosing, and something we are happy to splash a little more cash on to ensure we get the perfect fit – so it’s important to keep your smalls looking good and feeling fresh. Here are our best tips for organising your knicker and bras.


  • First empty your lingerie drawer and sort your items into keep, donate or throw piles. (TKD Lingerie welcomes gently used items for recycling and rehoming). This should be an easy process. Faded, stretched, frayed, or shapeless bras never regain their former glory, so let them go. Cull anything that doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn in the last year. 


  • The second step is to separate your bras and pants. Depending on the quantity, you might also want to sort those items into sub-categories, such as everyday essentials and special outfits or occasions. If you have a large collection of underwear, you can divide knickers into categories too, such as thongs, bikini briefs, and full briefs. Bras can be divided by style – T-shirt, balconnet, strapless, with/without underwire.


  • Drawer dividers are a wonderful addition to your lingerie drawer. Not only will they keep your drawer tidy and organised, but as they come in varying sizes you can easily arrange both bras and knickers in the same drawer.


  • Arrange items by colour or place those items that you use most frequently at the front of the drawer. If space is limited make sure you neatly fold your knickers and place one bra cup inside the other. Some people like to store more expensive or less frequently used items separately or to give additional space to these, so take this into consideration when sectioning out your drawer space.


  • For a final flourish you may wish to add a scented bag or sachet to your drawer.


  • Remember to review your lingerie every six months for fit and condition. The perfect time to do this is the beginning of summer and winter, when you review the rest of your wardrobe for the season. Make sure you have the right lingerie to wear under your clothing, and that it still fits perfectly, supports and enhances your shape, and makes you feel great. 


Our good friends at DeCluttr Me have just blogged a version of this article and they can offer professional guidance if you feel like you need help getting organised.    


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