What is the difference between D+ and Plus size? And what size is Plus size, anyway?


Many people use the terms Plus size and D+ interchangeably, but there is a big difference. Plus size clothing is described as clothes for people larger than average, but what size that is varies hugely between different brands as well as in people’s minds.


The complicated sizing system used in lingerie and the lack of a fashion industry standard doesn’t help the matter. If you shop at ASOS, for example, plus size is size 18 and up. But even the size of an 18 varies between different stores. A journalist in the UK measured jeans in the same size from different brands and found a pair of size 12 jeans in one store were smaller than a size 6 in another.


The modelling world has its own definitions. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, for the purpose of booking modelling jobs anyone who is size 8 or above is plus size. 


In lingerie, a woman wearing an E cup can be petite or curvy, short or tall. The cup size alone does not give you any clues to the size of the woman wearing it.

There is a large number of women wearing B and C cups who erroneously believe that a bigger cup size is only for bigger women. Many of these women would get far better support from a larger cup size and a smaller back size, but they have either been given bad fitting advice or no advice at all.


TKD Lingerie is a D+ specialist. We also stock plus size bras that are D+. That means we have bras for everyone from a 28 back to a 46 back. That is the equivalent of a UK dress size 6 – 26.  


Our customers come in almost all shapes and sizes. The one thing they all have in common is a need and a right to expertly fitted lingerie, in a size that supports and flatters their bodies. We want lingerie to make our customers happy, and that means an end to quad boobs and sore shoulders. It means expert fittings for everyone. 


Definitions matter, because they help us find what we are looking for. We are passionate about helping our customers find the right fit, whether that is Plus size or D+. We are not just one or the other. 

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