Give that WOW moment to someone you care about

Can you remember that WOW moment when you first tried on a bra in the right size? That held, shaped and lifted, both your body and your spirits?

At TKD Lingerie, it is something we see a lot. First time visitors to the store have been known to put their old bra in the bin and walk out wearing their new purchase, with a look of absolute wonder and joy on their faces. There is nothing we like more than those moments, seeing the smile of someone who has just discovered how the right lingerie can make them look and feel. We see women practically skipping out of the store because they feel lighter, supported and uplifted.

There are obvious signs that your friend needs a fitting, like bouncing, constantly adjusting the underwire, or quad boob. But they might also need a fitting if they complain about neck, shoulder and back pain

But the biggest transformation is not in the face, of course. The right fitting bra will improve your posture and your silhouette as well as do wonders for your feeling of well-being.


For me personally, it took years of trying and buying the wrong size before I finally found out that bras don’t have to hurt your shoulders or cut into your boobs. That the back band shouldn’t sit between just below the neck.

Imagine if someone had pulled me aside and let me in on the secret? There must have been plenty of women who would see my quad boob and think, “That girl needs to get fitted ASAP.”

I wish someone had. It would have saved me years of shoulder and neck ache, as well as thousands of dirhams spent on virtually unworn bras.

So this holiday season, be a friend and give someone else that WOW moment.

Don’t let your friends think they have to put up with sag and bounce. Have a Friends’ Day* out, give them a gift voucher or just send them in to the store for a complimentary fitting. Then watch their faces light up with joy.

*Every Wednesday from now until the end of 2017, it’s Friends’ Day at TKD Lingerie. Come shopping with a friend and when you both make a purchase you both get 20% off. And that’s not all. In Dubai we have partnered up with Ted Morgan in Town Centre Jumeirah to bring you 20% off all hair services on Friends’ Day. It is Friends’ Day every Wednesday in Bahrain too; Purple Patchouli in Al Aali Mall will offer you 20% off all services too after your fitting.  




T&Cs apply. Promotion only applicable to full price products. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. 

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