We were recently featured in The National, one of the UAE’s top broadsheet newspapers, and we were very happy to see the journalist take the time to get to know our brand and learn about how we do things. 


We do sell large bras, but there is a lot more to our story.


Did you know.. 


..we fit-test all our product, either personally or through our community? 

..a bra that is over a D size requires up to 25 different structural elements to create, often likened to the engineering of a bridge? 

..we choose our locations to ensure we can spend quality time to spend fitting and advising each customer?   

..85 per cent of our customers from the first year have become regulars? (and we love you for it)

..there are more than 150 bra sizes?

..60 per cent of women are bigger than a D cup but many retailers and brands sizing stop at a D cup, leaving multitudes of women chronically uncovered for? 

..TKD Lingerie stocks more than 100 sizes? And there are options in all sizes: We have balcony bras, nursing bras, sports bras, underwired and non-wired, T-shirt bras, strapless bras, bra-sized swimwear, and everything in between. 


Read the full article here: http://www.thenational.ae/business/retail/sme-profile-buying-lingerie-is-difficult-enough-so-kate-kikano-set-up-her-own-store#full  


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