TKD shows off all the fabulous lucky dip prizes

Blooming Beautiful lucky dip prizes at our sixth birthday

I can’t believe it is our birthday again! The past year has flown by and now we are here again, about to celebrate our sixth year.


I have lost track of how many women we have fitted and helped into their correct sizes, but I will never forget the incredulity and sense of wonder many of them express when they finally try on a bra in the right size.


A couple of weeks ago, we fitted a woman who was convinced she was a 36B. When she tried on a bra in her real size, a 32D, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I feel my breasts have been ‘lied’ to their entire life”, is a direct quote. (You can read all about her experience on her blog here: http://www.ginghamandsparkle.com/the-ultimate-bra-fitting-service-at-tkd-lingerie/ )


A few weeks earlier there was another lady who had been wearing the wrong bra size for 40 years. Her current bra was letting her and her breasts down, offering little support and lift. After fitting her into her real bra size she was a changed woman. She loved her new silhouette so much she kept the bra on and asked us to burn the one she had been wearing before.  


It might sound corny, but we live for moments like that. Being able to make a difference in how a woman feels both in terms of comfort and in self-image is incredible. Being able to offer stylish and fashionable choices to women who have struggled to find a good fit, is wonderful.


We are so grateful every day for the support we get from our loyal customers, as well as the support and camaraderie we get from our dear friends who come together to help us celebrate each year.


This year we are ever so grateful to all of our friends at A-Tone Fitness Lounge, the friendliest and happiest place to get fit; the absolute experts of maternity and parenting Babies and Beyond; the gorgeous-makers at Be Bar Blow Dry Bar;  breast friends Curvy Kate; the organizing extraordinaire Shelina at DeCluttr ME; our fruity favourites Fruitful Day; the absolutely transformational healthy living community Good Habits; Good Magazine which would be called Great Magazine if it was a truly descriptive title; Hello Chef, who manage to take care of both our health and our taste buds with their wonderful meal plans; Kidore, our go-to online store for great toys at great prices; the one and only Little Luxuries, which never fails to delight with its beautiful collection of homeware; Lorna Jane, THE place to get your fashion for active living; the always delicious and healthy Munchbox; our lingerie hero Panache Lingerie; the friendliest online mums network Real Mums; footwear favourites Sandal Souq; we also need to say Domo Arigato to Sumo Sushi, our go-to for delicious sushi; Traveller International, the mobile app that gives you exclusive discounts and offers on 1,000s of experiences in the GCC; and finally, the wonderful Tribe Dubai, which offers unique fair trade and ethically sourced decor and accessories, as well as educational workshops for a variety of crafts.    


From the bottom of my heart, thank you.    





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