Sometimes packing can seem like a mammoth task of strategic planning. The longer you are planning to go away, the more organised you need to be with your packing to avoid paying a fortune for excess baggage. These are a few things to keep in mind.

Pack things that make you look and feel great. If something hasn’t seen the light of day for more than 12 months, you probably won’t miss it on your holiday.

Make sure you pack the right underwear for your outerwear. You cannot bring all your bras, so make sure the bras you do bring can support all your outfit changes.

Nude and seam-free lingerie works under almost everything, but dark colours can bleed onto light colour bras so bring a black one too. A strapless bra is essential for strappy dresses and off the shoulder tops. Many of our customers love the Panache Cari spacer bra (above) for the lighter and more breathable fabric and great smooth shape – ideal for holidays in a hot climate.

High performance, hard-working, and multitasking: these are some of our Super Staples. Amazing shape, lift and support under everything, these are likely to be all you will need for your holiday.

When you have chosen your bras, make sure you pack them well. Keep all lingerie away from any Velcro, zips, and sticky stuff, ideally in a dedicated soft lingerie bag or wrapped in a T-shirt. If you are bringing bras with moulded cups, tuck the straps and band into the cups and stack them one of top of the other. That goes for swimwear too. Fill the cups of the bottom bra with a pair of socks to support the shape, and create a space deep enough in your suitcase to prevent the bras from getting crushed.


The Luxe strapless from Curvy Kate is a firm customer favourite for unbeatable lift and support.


Don’t forget to pack your swimwear. Look after your swimwear like you look after your lingerie. Rinse after every wear. For long lasting shape, never wash your swimwear with fabric conditioner as it breaks down the Lycra.

What are your must-pack items?

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