TKD Lingerie in Jumeirah Town Centre

TKD Lingerie, the D-K expert, when we opened five years ago

As we are coming up to our fifth anniversary, I have spent some time thinking about the journey we have been on since TKD Lingerie was born.

These five core values were at the very heart of what I wanted the brand to offer to women in the GCC.  

Fashionable choice of D-K cup lingerie

Yes just because we’re big busted doesn’t mean we don’t like colour, pattern….or shock horror…plunge styles! Beige, black and full cup bras are great staples but a bit of variety too please!

High quality, technically excellent brands

It doesn’t matter how pretty it looks on the hanger, if the construction isn’t there it won’t look great on you. We’ve sat with some of the most experienced designers and seamstresses in the industry to learn exactly what makes a fabulously fitting bra. The work that goes into creating a well fitting, quality D+ bra is incredible.

Learn more here… www.teenvogue.com/story/cost-of-lingerie-explainer

Bras for every occasion

From everyday essentials, strapless, maternity and nursing bras, sports, fashion, bra-sized swimwear or a little something something special, we work hard to include every style you may need in your lingerie wardrobe. And if you can’t find it…just ask. We will go the extra mile to source the style you are looking for.

Fitters with a high level of knowledge

I’ve lost count of the number of 38C bras I’ve had thrust at me in changing rooms over the years. It’s very frustrating as I’ve not been a C cup since I was 13!  That’s why training is way up there on our list of priorities. We were among the first to be Panache Fit Accredited and through years of experience, we have a pretty good idea of your size the minute you walk through our door. Our whole team sits down to plan our buying. The advantage of a small business is we have a personal connection with our customers and when we select the next season’s styles you’ll often hear a cry of “Yay! Mrs X is going to love that bra!” If it’s a style we’ve not tried before we invest in samples and trial it amongst ourselves and our customers. If it doesn’t tick all the boxes you won’t see it in our collection!

Caring Customer Service

It’s daunting standing half dressed in front of a stranger – we get that! We treat you in our boutiques the same way we’d treat a favourite guest in our home. All of us are passionate about finding not only the right size but also the right styles to suit you. Just like a pair of jeans you may try plenty on in the same size but only one pair is that feel good fit. Someone recently said “isn’t it crazy that you can buy a designer handbag in 10 minutes but you guys will happily spend an hour to help find that perfect 200dhs bra”….well no one ever accused us of being sane!

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