How to put on a bra correctly

Buying the correct bra size is not enough! You need to be able to put the bra on correctly to ensure your breasts are sitting properly in the cup and getting the support they need.

The underband

  • Put your arms in the straps, lean forward and allow the breasts to fall naturally into the cups and do the bra up behind
  • Leaning forward ensures the fullest part of the bust is in the fullest part of the cup
  • If you can’t do it up behind, fasten at the front and gently twist round taking care not to strain the elastic
  • We recommend that when you buy your bra it should fit on the first hook and eye. In time, the bra will stretch so this ensures that you can tighten the underband as the bra loosens.

The cup

  • Whilst holding the underwire in position, lift each breast inside the cup
  • Alternatively, hold the wires in place, lean forward and ‘jiggle’ from side to side

The straps

  • Now adjust the straps