Just found out you are pregnant? Congratulations! Let our expert bra fitters at TKD help you support your breasts throughout your pregnancy.

Did you know the average woman goes up by two band sizes and between two to four cup sizes during her pregnancy?

The right time to be fitted for a maternity bra varies between women. However, in the first trimester changing hormone levels lead to an early increase in breast size and your breasts may feel tender. As soon as you notice these changes it’s a good idea to be professionally fitted.

As you enter your second trimester, along with growing breasts, the rib cage also starts to expand to allow for the growing baby. This can often mean it’s time for another fitting. Think about a final fitting around two to four weeks before your due date. 

Enjoy this beautiful time in your life, knowing that TKD are here to help.

Underwires and Pregnancy

Many women prefer the support of underwired bras but are often recommended not to use them during pregnancy or lactation. This is due to rigid underwires not being able to accommodate the daily changes in breast shape, which can put pressure on breast tissue leading to blocked milk ducts and mastitis.

TKD have an award winning range of flexible wire nursing bras from Cake Lingerie. These have been designed to provide superior shape, support and good overall breast health. The wires are made from a light gauge alloy so it easily moulds and shapes around the breast. The angle of the wire is wider, which encompasses the breast whilst avoiding pressure on the breast tissue at the sides. These flexible wire bras deliver that much needed security and support whilst still being surprisingly comfortable. They are also stocked by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.