Home visit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our maternity home visit service



Q: What is the maternity home visit service?

A: A fully trained bra fitter will bring a large selection of great nursing bras to your home, in a size range relevant to you. You will get a full professional fitting and the chance to try different styles and brands. 


Q: Why do I need to get fitted for a maternity bra?

A: Your breasts are heavier than ever when you are nursing, so your need for good support has never been greater. You need a nursing bra in the right size that can accommodate the daily changes in breast shape to avoid pressure on breast tissue leading to blocked milk ducts and mastitis. A professional fitter will help you find the right bra to deliver security, support, and comfort.


Q: What sizes do you stock?

A: Our maternity range go from 28-44, B – J cup.


Q: When should I book a home fitting?

A: This service is for new mums whose babies are newborn to three months. We are happy to visit you at any time, but please be aware that following birth your size will change a lot in the first 2 weeks. The initial engorgement, as your milk comes in, can last anywhere from 2 to 14 days. We recommend soft and seam free styles during these initial first days. Once your milk supply has stabilized this is a good time to be fitted for cup sized bras.


Q: How far in advance do I need to book it?

A: That will depend on our current booking schedule. We try to accommodate urgent requests but we appreciate your patience during busy periods. 


Q: Can you come in the evening?

A: For specific booking enquiries, please contact us directly.


Q: Is the home fitting service only available for the maternity range? I would like a fitting service for normal bras.

A: We only offer home visits to new mothers, as it is a service intended to help those with a great need but struggle to come to us. 


Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is an AED 300 home consultation fee, but AED 270 of that is redeemable against purchases on the day. Any orders placed for additional items will also be delivered free of charge. 


Q: How long does a home visit last?

A: We don’t rush our home visits. You might love the first bra you try on and be finished in five minutes, but we make sure you have enough time to try things on at your leisure. We schedule an hour for each visit.


Q: Why can’t I get a normal bra fitting at home if I am paying for the visit?

A: The home consultation is specifically offered for women who struggle to come to our shop because they have a new baby. At the moment we don’t have the capacity for general home fittings, but if we get enough requests we could consider it in the future.   


Q: Is this service available in Bahrain? Abu Dhabi? 

A: This service is initially offered in Dubai. We hope to be able to roll it out in other geographies as we grow. 


Q: What if I can’t find a bra that fits me? Do I lose the AED 300?

A: If we don’t have the bra you like in your size, we can order it for you and you can still redeem your AED270 against the purchase. 


Q: How do I book it?

A: Complete the form on the website and we will contact you shortly. Alternatively, email us on visitme@tkdlingerie.com

Vouchers and promotional offers are not applicable for maternity home fittings.