The Perfect Fit

Remember that every style and brand of lingerie fits slightly differently so you must pay attention to the fit of every bra to ensure every day comfort, good posture and an improved silhouette.

Does your bra fit properly? Here’s how to tell.

perfect bra fitting - underband

  • The underband should be level all the way round your body
  • The underband should be firm enough not to move when you are active

Perfect bra fitting - underwire

  • The underwire should sit flat against the chest at the front and sides
  • The underwire should fit the natural crease of the breast not dig into or rest on the breast tissue

perfect bra fitting - cups

  • The cups should fully encase the breasts
  • There should be no bulging of the breast over the cups or any gaping in the cups

perfect bra fitting - straps

  • The straps should be secure but not digging into your shoulders
  • If you were to remove the bra straps, the bra should continue to support the breasts