We love to put new styles to the test by getting honest reviews from our community. This month, we asked Ashley to review the new Lyzy bralette from Panache Lingerie. It is a new style, taking the relaxed aesthetic and triangle shape of the bralette and engineering it from the ground up for a larger cup size.

This is what Ashley had to say.



I was lucky to be chosen to trial the Lyzy bra for TKD. The week after I was chosen I went to the boutique and a lovely lady assisted me with trying on a couple of the Lyzy bralettes. Unfortunately, I needed bigger cup size which they didn’t have in store and it had to be ordered. This was no problem and they took my home address and said it could be sent to me when it arrived.

I only had to wait a week or so before it arrived, and the TKD girls stayed in touch and kept me updated. I was in the area the week it came in so I went to pick it up and try it on with the help of a lovely Irish lady.

I think the size the girls wanted to order for me was a 32H, however they felt that a 34GG may also do the job. But this season the bralette only goes up to a G cup [Editor’s note: it will be coming in GG and H cup in October. Yay!]. We tried a good few different back and cup sizes, and I must say the lovely Irish lady made me feel very comfortable while getting in and out of bralettes for half an hour. She was very chatty and friendly.

We settled on a 34G, which is a cup size too small but depending on what top I wear, I can get away with it. I thought it was unlikely that I could get a wireless bra in my size that would make me feel supported and give me a shape that I liked. I was skeptical to say the least.

But I was pleasantly surprised. It was extremely comfortable and it is very pretty, with a lovely lace design on the outside and silky cotton on the inside. It has nice thin straps and a thick elastic band around the body. Very different from the ‘thick strapped over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders’ I’m used to. Even with pretty bras in my size, straps usually feel like seatbelts.

When I put the Lyzy bralette on, it gave me a totally different shape to what I’m used to. My boobs seemed to go out to the sides, giving me more of an hour-glass figure. I wasn’t keen on this at first, but when I put on a t-shirt, it looked great. I looked so skinny! I usually think my curse of a larger top half makes me look bigger than what I actually am. But the Lyzy made me look and therefore feel like my waist had lost a couple of inches. Bonus!

I wore the bralette for a week or so, doing all my usual weekly tasks. Taking care of my daughter, working, cooking and cleaning etc. and although I had to occasionally adjust the cups due to the size, it was comfortable. I wore t-shirts and semi-casual tops which worked really well with the bra.

For me, because I can’t get the Lyzy in the perfect size, I would really only wear this bra for comfort. Everyday wear, around the house, doing the shopping or housework or playing with my daughter. However, if it fit me perfectly and didn’t give me a slight quad boob situation, I would be able to wear it for any occasion really.

Though it is not as supportive as an underwired, side paneled bra, it is a lot more supportive than I thought it would be. It does the job it’s supposed to do…and it’s pretty!

I would absolutely recommend the Lyzy bralette but make sure you get the correct size and you’ll get the full benefit and support that it offers. If it is brought out in a bigger cup size I would purchase it for sure. It’s just a bit short in the cup department for me, which is a shame.

I want to say thank you so much to TKD and all the girls. I’ve loved trialing and reviewing the Lyzy bralette. It is a bra I would never have picked up as I didn’t expect a wireless bralette to work for someone with my bra size. It has been a great experience.


First released for the Spring / Summer 2018 season, the Lyzy bra was available in sizes 28-38 D-G cup, but due to the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, the Autumn / Winter 18 season will see Lyzy available in up to a H cup.

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