We are big fans of The Mothership here at TKD Lingerie. That’s why it was such a delight to welcome Helen Farmer to the store after she had her baby and help her find the perfect nursing bras to suit her body.

Here is what she had to say about it: 


Four of the best nursing bras (and how to shop for one)

When the nesting started in my pregnancy, one part of the house that got hit hard was my underwear drawer. Lurking in the back were my nursing bras from two years ago, and they were very VERY sad looking. One bra, a white stretchy number, accidentally offered a peek-a-boo design, where months of applying nipple cream had made the fabric perish. Depressing stuff… As well as being unworthy for the recycling bin, they offered zero support and were weirdly high cut, limiting what I could wear even more, so I binned them.


Then for a few weeks I kept getting reminders from my pregnancy app about packing the hospital bag, with perky alerts and bossy checklists. I duly started, but the bras were conspicuous by their absence. On a maternity pad shopping spree (ah, the glamour!) to Mothercare I checked out their selection, but it was more of the same, and styles that weren’t available for D+ cups – which most women add up being, at least temporarily when the milk comes in.


Then the lovely Kate from TKD got in touch, asking if I wanted to come in for a fitting.


I first started shopping at this gorgeous little lingerie boutique – that specialises in D to K cups – five years ago. I was gleeful at its opening after having spent far too long either bulk buying bras when back in the UK (there was a particularly expensive trawl after a wine-soaked lunch in London. Don’t drink and shop, ladies) or buying, frankly, rubbish bras from non-specialists that lasted minutes, the underwiring stabbing me in the heart as punishment for being so cheap. Suddenly, there was a little corner of Dubai where I knew I’d get great service – and the bras I needed.


The store is owned by Kate Kikano, and she quickly gained a reputation for exceptionally well-trained staff and brilliant bras for bigger busted beauties. There’s also swimwear and nightwear, and they will go above and beyond to track down what you’re looking for, including smaller sizes in the maternity, nursing and sports ranges.


Whether pregnant or not, the fitting involves looking at the current bra you’re wearing, and discussing your requirements eg there’s no tape measure, and you’ll walk out with what you want or need. In this case, I was on the hunt for nursing bras that a) didn’t make me sad b) didn’t leave my boobs next to my belly button c) I wouldn’t be mortified to flash if my breastfeeding cover let me down.


Store manager Bridgit reckoned I’d need three or four bras, and together we narrowed down their vast selection – seriously, things have changed on that, umm, front a lot in the last two years, and brands are offering more and more to new mums. TKD also has nursing tanks, which can be a great night-time option, or worn under non-nursing clothes, plus nursing swimwear and even a sports bra that’s compatible with pumping.


We chose…


nursing bras mothership dubai

Show Off by Hot Milk, which is really pretty, and hoiked by boobs up nice and high, giving me a waist while still being easy to wear. It comes with matching knickers, for when you’re finally ready to ditch the baggy cotton granny pants.


It comes with matching knickers, for when you’re finally ready to ditch the baggy cotton granny pants.


Croissant Smoothing Flexi Wire Spacer Bra by Cake for a seamless look and really good support. This bra is stretchy, so great for those first few weeks when your supply is up and down.

TKD-Lingerie-Materinty-Cake-Midnight-Parfait-Flexiwire-Nursing-Black-32-40 C-H-AED 270-


Parfait Flexi Wire Lace Nursing Bra, also from Cake, which doesn’t look like a nursing bra and would be great for a night out if I had the energy for an actual night out.


Eleanor Nursing Bra by Panache – a classic T-shirt bra. Super wearable, there’s a lovely lace detail and the smooth cups are great for disguising breast pads. Seriously. These are my concerns now.




Since wearing them my post-baby wardrobe options have massively expanded (not to be under-estimated, because if I wear that stripy dress one more time I might burn it) and I’m feeling so much more confident about breastfeeding in public. Mostly, though, my boobs look really good.



The article was first published on The Mothership, the honest blog about parenting in Dubai which should be on everyone’s regular reading lists. 



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