You don’t have to choose between comfort and style.

There was a time not that long ago when lingerie seemed to be at war with women’s bodies. The bras of 50 years ago were on the whole very rigid garments shaping women’s bosoms into proud forward-projecting torpedoes, arriving everywhere a few seconds before their human appendage. The shape ideals of the time came ahead of any discomfort inflicted by the bras.

Thanks to changing fashions, modern garment construction techniques and tremendous advances in fabric technology, those days are long gone.

Even our most rigid hold bras today are softer and more natural both in shape and feel than ever before. Many women love a comfortable but firm bra, and some of our all-time best sellers are full cup, firm hold underwired bras.

But fashion is always changing, and the rise of the bralette has taken the lingerie market by storm. Initially this triangle style was only suitable for small breasts needing very little support. But soon Panache released a more structured bralette designed for larger cup sizes, which was met with great enthusiasm from customers all over the world.

The popularity of the bralette style goes hand in hand with a resurgence of comfortable, relaxed chic fashion. In 2017, PJs and loungewear took over the catwalks, then the high street. Now you can see people wearing daytime pajamas almost anywhere. With this massive shift in esthetic focus, it is not surprising our demand for comfort includes what is in our lingerie drawers.

At TKD Lingerie, it all started a bit earlier with the lounge and sleep bra, Sugar Candy.

Non-wired and stretchy, soft and firm, the Sugar Candy got an instant fan base. And, inevitably, after a woman had bought it once, they would come back and ask for more comfortable non-wired styles for lounging at home. 

Soft and supportive, the Lyzy triangle bra is a customer favourite


When the Lyzy triangle bralette arrived in, it practically vanished off the shop floor in an instant. The lacy triangle style gives a natural shape and good support while being both super soft and bang on trend.

The lacy, soft pink non-wired full cup Andorra, which is available to order, is pretty and comfortable and another popular choice for fans of non-wired bras.

That is not to say women don’t still love the lift and shape of a great underwired bra; the soft cup just adds a string to their lingerie bow.

An underwired bra is your best friend when you want great lift and shape and a large choice of bra styles, from t-shirt to plunge. If you want a relaxed, natural shape, or a bra for lounging at home which you can even sleep in, try a non-wired style.

Whether you prefer more support or a more relaxed profile, make sure you have the right size and fit. To see the full collection of wired and non-wired bras in more than 100 sizes, pop in to one of our boutiques in Town Centre Jumeirah, Dubai, or Al Aali Mall, Bahrain.   

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