A weight off your shoulders will make you look and feel years younger


Quite literally. Did you know that the average pair of D cup breasts weigh 15-23 pounds? That’s around 7-10 kg for metric minds. Take a minute to think about how it affects your body to carry so much weight up front. It can wreak havoc on your shoulders, neck, back, and overall posture.


Thankfully we live in modern times with bras readily available. A good bra will help you defy gravity and preserve your ballerina-like posture. A great bra will do the same and look fantastic too, reflecting your own personal style.


But an estimated 80% of all women wear the wrong bra size. They might have been measured in a department store a few years back and just carried on buying the same size. Or maybe they had kids and their breasts changed. They could have gained or lost weight. Hormonal fluctuations can also make your breast size change. The reasons for wearing the wrong size are many but the solution is simple. Get fitted properly by a trained expert. Ideally every 12 months.


The difference a new bra can make can be as dramatic as surgery. The right fitting bra will lift your breasts and accentuate your waist, giving you a new, more youthful figure.


How do I know if I am wearing the right size?


  • The perfect band should feel firm and sit horizontally around your back. If the band pulls up in the back, it is too loose. Lift your arms up. If the back band moves, it is too loose. On the other hand, it is too tight if it hurts and leaves red indentations.


  • The straps should be firm but comfortable. Most of the support should come from the band and the cups; not the straps. If you slip the straps off your shoulders the bra should still support your breasts.


  • Now adjust your breasts into the cups. You can do this by pressing the wires against your rib cage – then lean forward and give a little jiggle to shake the breasts into the right position. Use your index fingers part the bust at the centre of the bra to make sure that the centre front of the bra is sitting flat against the breastbone.


  • The wires should follow the shape of your breasts without sitting on your breast tissue. If you press on your wires they should be firm against your ribs. If they move too much, they are on your breast tissue and you need a larger cup size.


  • If your breasts are spilling over the top and creating the dreaded ‘quad boob’, you need a larger cup size. Make sure you look from the side to make sure there is no overspill.


  • If the cups seem baggy, or if you have a gap between the breast and the cup fabric, the cup size is too big.



The final test is to put clothes on over the bra. Does the shape look good? Is it smooth? Does the colour work? If the answer is yes, you have found your perfect bra. Pull your shoulders back, stand up straight and admire your new silhouette.


Next step


Now it is time to go through your lingerie drawer and try on your bras. Do they lift and support you through the cups and the back? If not, it is time to let them go. Don’t be weighed down by bad bras. All women deserve underwear that lifts their breasts as well as their spirits, making them look and feel great.



This article was originally posted on the British Mums website: http://britishmums.com/dubai/every-british-mum-needs-know-bras/ 

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